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From the ashes, a life anew

When Rose Gold Founder Amanda Bruno found herself navigating the painful waters of life after the end of a toxic and abusive marriage, energy medicine was the life raft that helped her to safety. When people discuss healing, there’s a perception that it’s soft and fuzzy and full of light. The reality is: the work we do to find ourselves in the shadows is filled with pain, self-reflection and mourning.

Amanda worked daily to remove shame, tap into higher levels of spirituality and reacquaint herself with the sensations within her body. Through this experience, she discovered the power in her sexual healing — first with herself and then with a partner with whom she felt safe and truly connected. She realized that personal sexual energy is healing energy. With a deep spiritual and physical connection, healing can happen after trauma.

Now, Amanda aims to help those who feel trapped or unable to tap into their sexual power by providing the tools and resources to do that inner work. Through Reiki healing, infused intimacy products and her hemp store in Dover, Florida, Amanda supports the healing of her community, city, state and beyond.

Our Values


Everyone deserves the opportunity to safely and wholeheartedly express their inner sexual energy. Rose Gold products aim to make that possible for all.


Mother Earth gave us everything we’ve ever needed. Because of this knowledge, we respect the human body and the organic matter we need to survive. We lean heavily on plant medicine and holistic methods to find balanced wellness.


Many people have been trapped in unsafe, betraying or non-consensual situations. We know that the trauma from those experiences can impact us for years if unaddressed. We aim to provide products and resources to heal and to enjoy intimate moments again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing the intimate details of your chosen products is a vital step in your experience. We’re glad you’re here.
Are Rose Gold products for women only?
No, Rose Gold products are for everyone. We want every person, regardless of gender, to find the balance between their masculine and feminine energy with the help of Rose Gold products and guided resources. Whether a solo or coupled lover, Rose Gold products are an excellent option for connecting deeply.
Do Rose Gold products get you high?
No, Rose Gold products contain Broad Spectrum cannabinoids with a high ratio of CBD. Our hemp-based products contain less than 0.03% THC per federal regulations.
How do you use the Bud Bliss Stimulant Oil?
Apply the oil to your desired location and wait 15 minutes before desired use. Check out the product page for more information about the Bud Bliss Stimulant Oil.
How do you use the Shakti Massage Oil?
Apply the oil to your desired location and gently massage. Check out the product page for more information about the Shakti Massage Oil.
What should I do if I experience a reaction to a product?
Like with any product, if you experience an adverse reaction, rinse it off immediately and consult a physician. If you experience a severe reaction, call 9-1-1.
What is Reiki?
Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice of healing where a practitioner facilitates the movement of energy through the body to aid in stress reduction and relaxation. Learn more about our Reiki Healing Sessions.
Is the Shakti Massage Oil for external use only?
No, the Shakti Massage Oil is safe for both external use and in/around the genitalia.
Are there other practices that help with spiritual connection?
Combining spiritual practices is the best way to use Rose Gold products. To better experience the full benefits, pair meditation, sound healing, Reiki, Tantric sex, yoga and more. Not only do these practices help to better connect with spirituality during sex, but they also serve as a powerful tool for healing trauma from past sexual experiences.

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